High PR Domains

Purchasing High Page Rank Domains to Help With SEO

A very popular Web 2.0 SEO tactic if purchasing high PR domain names for sale. 6ytSEO experts will look for expired, expiring or deleted domains with a high Page Rank PR, Domain Authority or Trust Flow to save time in having to build up a number of credible backlinks with a new, recently purchased domain. In other words, someone else has put in all the legwork to get pages of a website ranked high in Google search engine results for particular keywords.

Determining Page Rank for a Particular Domain Page

In determining if a domain has a good PR, one can enter info:domain.com into Google search to bring up all pages for that domain. Tools like Majestic SEO can help one determine if the backlink actually exists, is contextual, has a good PR itself and is likely to stick. Keep in mind, a few quality links can be better than numerous poor quality links.

The Benefits

Reasons Why One Might Purchase High PR Domains for Sale:

Gain Insight Into What Works: SEO experts will often test out different tactics on various websites they purchase domains for to see what might work for a main company website.

trafficGet More Exposure Period: If I search a phrase and five page options come up in results that are all pages on a domain I purchase, no matter which ones are clicked on, I am still the one receiving the benefits over any competitors who might have come up.

The Tactics

Some SEO tactics that work to drive more website traffic are the following:

Create Feeder or Micro-Niche Websites: If I have all my various domains with high PR linked to my main site, there is potential for the link juice to be passed on to my official website.

Direct 301 Redirect: Attempt to completely transfer Page Rank from old to new domain.
Where to Find PR Domain Names for Sale

When looking at where to buy high PR domains, look to the following marketplaces and vendors:

Managed Admin



Digital Point Forum



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